Newlyn copper rose bowl


A copper rose bowl made by the Newlyn Industrial Class, circa 1910.

The rose bowl has a typical repousse pattern of fish around the sides. The seperate flower holder is detachable and sits tightly in to the top of the bowl. Both the bowl and the flower holder have a hand planished finish. 

Unusually, the bowl is stamped with “Newlyn” on the inside. I am also told that the wide hole in the centre of the flower holder is unusual. 

The whole piece has a nice patina with only the inside of the bowl having a few spots of verdigris.

A nice example of a classic Newlyn rose bowl.


Dimensions:    6 3/4″ in diameter and 3 1/2″ high

Condition:   Good. The inside of the bowl has some verdigris spots. Some minor coloured spots in the patina on the outside of the bowl

Price:   £250