Newton School pewter and Ruskin inkwell


A pewter inkwell set with a Ruskin Pottery heart attributed to the Newton School of Metal Work, circa 1905.

A number of very similar designs by George S. Tanner appear in the archive of the Newton School of Metal Work so I’m confident this lovely little piece was made by them and dates to around 1905 when Tanner’s designs were commonly made by the School. The inkwell is typical of other pewter pieces by the School with folded pewter and riveted construction. Many pieces were decorated with Ruskin Pottery roundels and this inkwell has a very nice little blue green ceramic heart.

The design is very simple with a lid which opens to reveal a hole where a glass or ceramic inkwell would have been inserted (now missing). The sides of the inkwell have upturned flaps which would have acted as pen holders. The whole inkwell has a hand planished finish.


Dimensions:   4 1/2″ across at widest point and 3″ high

Condition:   Good. Slightly misshapen in a couple of places. Missing glass/ceramic inkwell

Price:   Sold