Arthur W. Simpson oak stationery cabinet


A stunning oak stationery cabinet attributed to Arthur W. Simpson of Kendal, circa 1905.

The whole cabinet is made of quarter sawn oak. It has two small drawers which swing open to reveal two compartments. One compartment is for storing small stationery items and has a removable divider. The other compartment has space for two inkwells. One of the compartments has a wooden cover. Between the compartments is a pen tray with a slightly darker finish.

The cabinet has it’s original metal handles made by Richard Llewellyn Rathbone. It also has a lock supplied by Hobbs & Co and it’s original key.

The front of the cabinet drops down at an angle and inside are various storage compartments. The underside of the cabinet has what looks to be a red leather base. The cabinet has one original inkwell which is attributed to Ruskin Pottery. A short article about this piece can be found here..

A similar stationery cabinet by A W. Simpson was shown in The Studio in 1909 and the Rathbone handles were also illustrated in The Studio in 1900.


Dimensions:    20″ in width by 4 1/2″ deep and 9 1/2″ high

Condition:   Some abrasion plus one small chip on back corners (see images). Missing one original inkwell and possibly one compartment lid

Price:   Reserved