Dorothy Hager copper tray

The forgotten contribution of Dorothy (Dorothea) Hager

One of many women who’s contribution to the Arts and Crafts Movement has been lost over time..

Art Fittings Limited tray

Important Art Fittings Limited finds linked to Gustav Stickley

Two rare pieces sold by Art Fittings Limited linked to Gustav Stickley..

Rathbone copper door handles

A rare set of door handles by Richard. Ll. Rathbone

A very rare set of door handles designed by Rathbone circa 1900..

Voysey inkwell

Two important designs by C.F.A. Voysey

Addition of two rare and important designs by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey..

John Paul Cooper necklace

Discovery of an important necklace by John Paul Cooper

A chance find, lots of research and a bit of luck leads to the discovery of an important necklace with family connections..

Norman and Ernest Spittle Tray

Tray leads to more research on Gustav Stickley's metalwork designs

A new stock addition leads to more research on Norman and Ernest Spittle and the extent of their impact on Gustav Stickley’s iconic metalwork designs..

Discovery of a rare chair by the Southwold School

A chance spot of a particular design on the back of an oak spinning chair led to some interesting research on the Southwold School of Industrial Art..

C. R. Ashbee fruit spoon

Discovery of a rare silver fruit spoon by C.R. Ashbee

Every now and again something very special comes along. When I saw this fruit spoon I immediately knew that it was an early design by Charles R. Ashbee. However, proving it was not straightforward thanks to some unexpected hallmarks..

Norman and Ernest Spittle Charger

Charger with an important link to Gustav Stickley

Researching a charger by Norman & Ernest Spittle leads to a link with Gustav Stickley’s pivotal visit to London in 1903 and sheds light on the designers of many of his most successful commercial metalwork designs..