Gordon Russell Inkstand


A stunning inkstand designed by Gordon Russell, circa 1925.

The inkwell is made of gilding metal and is beautifully designed and made. The edge of the inkstand has simple chased decoration. An octagonal body holds an original blue-green ceramic inkwell. The hinged lid is also octagonal and has a decorative finial. I am not sure who made the ceramic inkwell. Gordon Russell was familiar with a number of local pottery works and so this is an area of further research.

The inkstand is unmarked but this design (No.390) is illustrated in a catalogue of designs held by the Gordon Russell Museum. It is highly likely that this piece was made in the Gordon Russell workshops in Broadway.

Cotswold School metalwork at it’s best.


Dimensions:   10″ wide by 6″ deep and 4″ high

Condition:   Good. The ceramic inkwell has a couple of very small chips

Price:   £595