Wayfarers Love by the Potteries Guild of Cripples


The Wayfarer’s Live published by the Potteries Guild of Cripples in 1904.

In January of 1904 Millicent Sutherland was the subject of an article in the Pall Mall Magazine. In the article she spoke about a forthcoming book of original verse and stated that the leading poets of the day had generously contributed to the book for the sake of the children’s need. 

The Wayfarers Love was published in September 1904 by Archibald Constable & Co. It was printed by the Potteries Cripples Guild and edited by Millicent Sutherland. It contains poems by well known poets of the day including Thomas Hardy, W.B.Yeats and A.E. Housman. All the proceeds of the book were donated to the Cripples Guild. Interestingly, the cover was designed by the well known artist and book illustrator, Walter Crane. He devoted much of his time and energy to the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society and it is likely that this is how he came to know Millicent.

The introduction of the book was written by Millicent and provides an insight into the progress made by the Guild up to 1904.


Condition:   Good. Some light scuff marks to the cover and foxing to pages

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