Richard Llewellyn Rathbone copper inkwell


A large copper inkwell designed by Richard Llewellyn Rathbone and made by Jesson, Birkett & Co, circa 1905.

This inkwell is a well known Rathbone design and many were made with Rathbone’s own makers mark. This one though has been made by Jesson, Birkett & Co in around 1905. Rathbone sold many of his designs for cabinet handles and inkwells to the Faulkner Bronze Co and Jesson, Birkett & Co between 1902 and 1905. 

The inkwell is typically on the large size and quite heavy with a hand planished finish all over. Copper rivets were frequently used in Rathbone’s Arts and Crafts designs and this inkwell is no exception.

The inkwell has the Jesson, Birkett & Co makers marks stamped on the underside along with the design number “678 L”.


Dimensions:   7 1/2″ square by 4″ high

Condition:   Some variation in patina and one or two darker spots. No inkwell inside. Some side to side movement on the hinged lid

Price:   £525