Yattendon hot water jug


A copper hot water jug with wooden handle made by the Yattendon Class from Berkshire, circa 1900.

The hot water jug has lovely riveted details and a whiplash style copper handle. It also has a separate handle with a wooden holder to allow it to be tipped up as It was almost certainly designed to carry hot water. The sides of the jug have a repousse design of stylised vines and grapes on a matted background.

The overall design and, in particular, the hammer marks used in the matted background are very distinctive and belong to the Yattendon Class from Berkshire. The piece is unmarked which is also typical of the Yattendon metalworkers.


Dimensions:    9 1/2″ at widest point and 10″ tall

Condition:   Some minor dents, some loss of detail in the repousse design due to polishing and some unevenness in the patina

Price:   £125