Norman and Ernest Spittle pewter plate


A pewter plate attributed to Norman and Ernest Spittle, circa 1905.

Purchased from the Netherlands, this is an unusual piece but I am quite confident that it is made by Norman and Ernest Spittle. The plate appears to be made of a heavy gauge of pewter but the back has a shiny finish much more like their trademarked alloy, Pewtal.

The piece is hand hammered and the repousse pattern is one which appears in the early catalogues by the Spittle brothers. It is now an iconic design, thanks to Gustav Stickley who saw the designs by the Spittle brothers in 1903 and took them back to America for production in his own workshops.

The plate is smaller than the charger illustrated in the catalogue.


Dimensions:    11″ in diameter and 3/4″ high

Condition:   Some minor bumps the edge is slightly uneven

Price:   Sold