Alexander Ritchie copper pipe rack


A copper pipe rack by Alexander Ritchie, circa 1907.

Quite an unusual piece designed by Alexander Ritchie. Copper items by Ritchie are less common than brass and the design is quite naive. I am not sure I would have recognised this as a piece by Ritchie had it not been for an image I had seen in The Art Journal.

In 1907 a popular periodical, The Art Journal, had an article on Scottish Arts and Crafts. The image shown was illustrated in the article and described as Iona Celtic Art by Alec Ritchie.

It’s great to be able to both date a piece and provide excellent provenance.

The same image is shown in the book, Iona Celtic Art: The Work of Alexander and Euphemia by E. Mairi Mac Arthur. It also tells us that the inscription “Caraid Dileas” translates as a faithful friend.


Dimensions:     8 3/4″ wide by 10 1/2″ high

Condition:   Good

Price:   Sold