C.F.A. Voysey designed inkwell


A brass inkwell designed by C.F.A. Voysey and made by Jesson, Birkett & Co in 1904.

This inkwell was designed by Charles Francis Annesley Voysey around 1900 and this particular design was exhibited at the Annual Arts and Crafts Exhibition in 1903. The inkwell exhibited was made by Richard Llewellyn Rathbone who subsequently sold part of his business to Faulkner Bronze Company in 1902. The Faulkner Bronze Company was reconstituted as Jesson, Birkett & Co in 1904, which is when this inkwell was made.

The underside of the inkwell has the Jesson, Birkett & Co makers mark along with the Rathbone design number “672” and hand written notes from somebody giving the inkwell as a gift at Xmas 1904.

More on the history and provenance of this inkwell can be found in the News section by clicking here.

A important piece in great original condition.


Dimensions:    Just under 10″ wide by 3″ high and just under 6″ wide

Condition:   Good. Some darker spots in the patina. The glass inkwells may not be original to the piece

Price:   Sold