Keswick School of Industrial Arts copper "Temple" jug


A hand raised copper jug made by the Keswick School of Industrial Arts, circa 1902.

The hand raised lidded jug was most likely used as a hot water jug. It would likely have had a wicker handle in the past. It appears to have been made from a solid sheet of copper as there are no apparent joins.

This jug was designed by the then Director of the Keswick School, Herbert Maryon. A silver version of the jug was exhibited at the 1902 Home Arts and Industries Exhibition and it was fortunately illustrated in The Studio.

The exhibition jug was made by Robert Temple and this jug is also signed to the base by Robert Temple. Temple worked closely with the key designers at this time and he executed many of the most prestigious commissions.

In fact, The Loving Eye and Skilful Hand by Ian Bruce talks about this piece as the “Temple Jug” and illustrates an identical jug signed by R. Temple (Page. 71).


Dimensions:   Just over 6″ high and 3 1/2″ at widest diameter

Condition:   Some minor dings to the body

Price:   £175