Faulkner Bronze Co copper charger


A very rare copper charger made by the Faulkner Bronze Co between 1901 and 1904.

The charger has an attractive repousse design with a central galleon in full sail and a border with a repeating wave motif.

The charger was illustrated in the book; A Edward Jones, Metalcraftsman, Birmingham Museum & Gallery, page 15. The charger can be seen in the top right corner hanging on the wall in the photograph of the Faulkner Bronze Co exhibition stand in 1901..

The charger also appears in the Faulkner Bronze Co catalogue, circa 1902 described as a 22″ diameter repousse plaque available in copper or brass bronzed available at £1 and 13 shillings. 

Faulkner Bronze only existed for a few short years which makes this an incredibly rare and important piece.


Dimensions:    22″ in diameter by 1″ high

Condition:   Good. Some minor dents to the edge (pictured). One small hole drilled through the top

Price:   £750