Set of copper door handles by Richard. LL. Rathbone


A set of door handles (2 pieces) by designed by Richard Llewellyn Rathone, circa 1900.

The hand planished copper handles are made of a heavy gauge of copper and are designed to twist in order to open the door. The handles are unmarked but appear in a Jesson, Birkett & Co catalogue from around 1905 entitled “A few designs of cabinet and door furniture by R. Ll. Rathbone”.

It’s possible that these handles were made by Faulkner Bronze & Co or Jesson, Birkett & Co. Read more about the link between Rathbone and these firms in the news article below:

News 11

This is a very very rare design by Rathbone!


Dimensions:    Just over 6″ high and 3 1/4″ wide

Condition:   Nice dark patina but there is a fine layer of verdigris on both handles. There is also a paint splash on one handle

Price:   £250