Art Fittings Limited brass coal bucket


A very rare and important brass coal bucket with wrought iron fittings sold by Art Fittings Limited, circa 1905.

Art Fittings Limited was the London showroom for Norman & Ernest Spittle from Birmingham. 

A very similar design of coal bucket by Norman & Ernest Spittle can be seen in The Studio from 1899 and both the N & E Spittle and Art Fittings Ltd catalogues from around 1905.

This particular design appeared in an article in The Craftsman in May of 1903. Gustav Stickley had visited England at the start of 1903 and purchased a number of designs from Art Fittings Limited in London. This coal bucket was one of the designs illustrated. The same design was also exhibited by Gustav Stickley at his 1903 Arts and Crafts exhibition in Rochester, NY.

This design was adopted by Sticley on his return to the United States and from around 1905 onwards was produced by his own workshops. It went on to become one of Stickley’s most iconic designs.

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Dimensions:    15″ high – Just under 25″ high with handle in vertical position

Condition:   Quite recently polished. Several small dings and one larger dent where the handle has repeatedly hit the back

Price:   POA