Art Fittings Limited copper tray


A rare and important copper tray sold by Art Fittings Limited, circa 1905.

Art Fittings Limited was the London showroom of Norman & Ernest Spittle and the tray is very similar to known Spittle designs featured in their catalogue dating from around 1905.

This particular design was featured in an article in The Craftsman from May of 1903. Gustav Stickley had visited England at the start of 1903 and had purchased a number of items from the Art Fittings Limited showroom in London. This design of tray was one of the items he purchased and took back with him to America. Although it was never adopted and made by the Stickley workshops it was exhibited at Stickley’s 1903 Arts and Crafts exhibition in Rochester, NY.

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Dimensions:    24″ wide and 10″ across at widest point

Condition:   Good. Recently polished

Price:   Sold