Elkington & Co plaque by George Halliday


A copper award plaque attributed to Elknigton & Co  with an earlier design by George Halliday.

Not my usual type of purchase but I was drawn to the story. I believe this plaque was made by Elkington & Co. A previous owner had already done some research and stuck a label on the back linking to a Bonhams Auction Lot with the same design, likely in silver,  and made by Elkington & Co, circa 1905. The plaque is signed by G. Halliday and I believe this is the Artist and Sculptor, George Halliday, who was a known designer for Elkington & Co. The cast plaque has an image of what may be a depiction of the Greek goddess of Victory. The plaque itself is mounted to a wooden back.

The plaque has a link to the old East Greenwich Gas Works, “Metrogas”. It was awarded in 1933 and was called the “Dr Carpenter Award” which likely relates to Dr Charles Carpenter who was the President of the South Metropolitan Gas Company around that period.

An interesting piece with a nice history.


Dimensions:    11 1/2″ diameter with metal plaque at 7″ diameter. 1″ depth

Condition:   Good

Price:   Sold