Newton School of Metal Work jardiniere


A large copper jardiniere with wooden feet made by the Newton School of Metal Workers from a design attributed to John Williams, circa 1900.

This particular design appears in the Newton School design archive . The hand drawn design is unsigned but from the style it can be attributed to John Williams.

The fish pattern was used extensively by John Williams in his designs for the School. This jardiniere is also signed by the School’s full time tutor, Albert Prime. This particular piece was owned for many years by Bob Pluck who had very fond memories of his great uncle, Albert Prime.

This piece is beautifully made with very crisp repousse work and riveted seams. It has three wooden feet and a wooden base. The underside of the wooden base has the remains of what looks to have been a label from the School. The jardiniere has been used and the insider has a build up of a white residue.


Dimensions:    9 1/4″ in diameter by 6″ tall

Condition:   Good. Lovely patina. White residue on inside copper walls

Price:     £395