J & F Pool copper door plate


A large copper door plate made by J & F Pool from Hayle in Cornwall around 1910.

The work of J & F Pool is very distinctive thanks to their Art Nouveau Glasgow style motifs and their hammered finish.

Made of a good gauge of copper, this large door plate would no doubt have adorned a door in a very impressive house. It has been used and therefore has holes drilled for fixing, a key hole and a door handle.

Door plates by J & F Pool are very rare, particularly in this impressive size. I now have three for sale and all feature on the same page of the J & F Pool catalogue. This particular design is No. 515.


Dimensions:    24″ high and 9 1/2″ across at widest point

Condition:   Good. Minor unevenness in the original patina and some very small areas of veridgris

Price:   £185