Jesson, Birkett & Co Cobral Ware vase


A copper and glass vase made by Jesson, Birkett & Co, circa 1905.

The “Cobral Ware” range was made by the Faulkner Bronze Company and patented around 1901/2. They continued to make the range until the Faulkner Bronze Company was reconstituted as Jesson, Birkett & Co in 1904. This piece is fully marked for Jesson, Birkett & Co suggesting that they continued to make the range for a short period of time. I don’t think it was for long though as this is the only piece I have ever seen with Jesson, Birkett and Co marks.

The green irridescent glass was blown into a pierced copper frame. I am led to believe that the glass was blown by Webb’s in Stourbridge.

The vase is marked to the base with “Patent” and “Cobral Ware” as well as the intertwined J, B and Co of Jesson, Birkett & Co.


Dimensions:    4 1/2″ at widest diameter and 5″ high

Condition:   Excellent

Price:   £595