Jesson, Birkett & Co wall light


A bronze wall light made by Jesson, Birkett & Co, circa 1905.

The bronze wall light has a lovely cast nouveau pattern with a hand planished finish. The wall light was found in very original condition and does not look to have been touched or modified in years. It appears to still retain its original electric fittings and the wooden back plate and shade may well be original to the piece. It has a wonderful patina and I believe this is bronze as opposed to copper.

It is important to note that this light is not working and will need to be rewired and fully tested by a qualified electrician prior to use. I have decided to sell in its original as found condition.

The wall light is illustrated in an early Jesson, Birkett & Co catalogue named “A few designs of Electrtic Light Fittings”, likely dating to around 1905-1910.

I see many pieces attributed to Jesson, Birkett & Co but this one comes with great provenance!



Dimensions:    7 1/2″ at widest point, 9″ high. The arm projects out 10″

Shade Dimensions:    5″ in diameter by 4″ high

Condition:   Good. Needs rewiring and testing prior to use

Price:   Sold