Glasgow School style copper candle sconce


A copper candle sconce in the style of the Glasgow School of Art.

The copper candle sconce is very much in the style of the Glasgow Girl, Agnes Bankier Harvey, but I am unable to attribute or date this piece firmly.
It is well made in copper with a very stylised repousse copper design typical of the work of Harvey. The piece is carefully planished in some areas to highlight aspects of the design.

The piece is signed “TS” to the front of the sconce but sadly I have not been able to identify the maker. The bottom candle holders and tray are attached by soldered joins which is quite typical of other Scottish sconces of the period.

It has a nice patina which suggests the piece has some age.


Dimensions:    14″ tall 6 3/4″ at widest point

Condition:   Good

Price:   £295