Yattendon School copper candle sconce


A copper candle sconce made by the Yattendon School.

The Yattendon Schools main designer, Elizabeth Waterhouse, frequently used designs from nature and this sconce is no exception. The back of the sconce has a lovely symmetrical flower design in repousse. The base section has a circular flower pattern.

The separate small copper candle holder is original which is very rare as they are typically lost over time. This piece has clearly been well looked after over the years.

The sconce is signed to the back by J. Allum. The pen signature is typical of Yattendon pieces and J. Allum is possibly John Allum who was an 18 year old agricultural labourer from Yattendon in 1901.

 The underside of the base is also marked with “240” and “10/6”. The 240 is most likely the design number and the 10/6 is either the price or the date (October 1906).

One of the nicest pieces I have seen by the Yattendon Class in a long time.


Dimensions:    11″ wide by 10″ high, projects out 7″ from the wall

Condition:   Good. Recently polished but retains some patina

Price:   Sold