D.S.C.G. copper and silver plated hand chased bowl


A stunning large copper bowl made by the Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild, circa 1910.

The copper bowl is chased around the sides with a fruiting tree design and the inside of the bowl is silver plated. The underside of the bowl has the D.S.C.G. makers mark.

The bowl is shown in the D.S.C.G. showroom catalogue, circa 1910. It was part of a set which comprised a copper stand, spirit lamp and bowl. The bowl is described as beautifully chased by hand and silvered inside. The set was modelled after an ancient specimen found in Normandy, which was in use at the “Guillaume le Conquerant” Inn at Dives. A quick Google suggests that it still exists today!


Dimensions:    12 1/2″ in diameter by 4″ high

Condition:   Some loss of silver plating to the inside

Price:   Sold