Newton School copper hot water jug


A copper hot water jug with wooden handle made by the Newton School of Metal Work, circa 1905.

The Newton School of Metal Work continues to surprise me with the variety of their designs and hammered finishes. I’m not sure I would have guessed that this had been made by them but for the fact that the hand drawn design by George. S. Tanner appears in their design archive. Dated for Jul 1904, the hot water jug is an unusual triangular shape with stylised repousse patterns to each side and a very pronounced hammered finish.
The wooden handle connects to the body of the jug by wonderful riveted heart shaped copper straps. The inside of the hot water jug is tinned as you would expect.

Tanner designed several hot water jugs for the School and in typical Tanner fashion they are all wildly different in terms of style! It’s great to be able to give this piece back its full history.


Dimensions:    6 1/2″ at widest point and just under 13″ tall

Condition:   Good. Lid sits slightly proud. Recently polished

Price:   £295