Norman and Ernest Spittle fire dogs


A set of “Armour Bright” iron fire dogs made by Norman & Ernest Spittle, circa 1900.

Couldn’t resist buying another pair of these fire dogs when they popped up in the “Armour Bright” finish.

This design, almost certainly by Norman Spittle, appeared in an article about the firm in The Furniture Record and the Furnisher from December 1902. It also appears in the Norman and Ernest Spittle and Art Fittings Ltd catalogues from around 1905. These particular fire dogs were available in a black or, the more expensive, Armour Bright finish. I found a definition of Armour Bright which describes the finish well on these fire dogs –  ” A polished shiny steel or iron finish with darker patches in the less accessible areas”.

The simple yet elegant design is typical of this largely unsung firm.


Dimensions:    18″ high by 9″ wide and 10″ deep

Condition:   Good

Price:   £325