Newton School brass chambersticks


A pair of brass chambersticks by the Newton School of Metal Work, circa 1900.

The design for these chambersticks appears in the Newton School design archive and was featured in the article on the Newton School of Metal Work that I wrote for the Decorative Arts Society Journal. The design has “Simple candlestick” written on it and is almost certainly by John Williams who used the same fish on well documented pieces.
The School made many of these chambersticks but the designs varied. This style of chamberstick also comes with an owl and peacock pattern. They all date to around 1900 when John Williams was producing the majority of designs for the School. As was typical of this period the two chambersticks are not marked.


Dimensions:    9 1/2″  long and 7″ across at widest point. Just under 2″ high

Condition:    Good. Some patina and a few darker spots. The top edge of one of the candle holders has been slightly folded over

Price:   £195 for the pair