Norman & Ernest Spittle copper plaque


A copper plaque made by Norman & Ernest Spittle, circa 1900.

This copper “hand beaten” plaque is illustrated in the Norman and Ernest Spittle catalogue which dates to around 1905. It was made in various sizes and materials.

This particular design was one of the many “borrowed” by Gustav Stickley after his visit to England in 1903. This particular plaque is almost identical to an ash tray design shown in Stickley’s metalwork catalogue circa 1905 (Design No. 271). The simplicity of the design by the Spittle brothers made this perfect for Stickley’s commercial metalwork range. The piece is unmarked which is normal for items made by N & E Spittle.


Dimensions:    14″ in diameter by 1″ tall

Condition:   Good. Unmarked. Some darker spots to the original patina

Price:   Sold