Norman and Ernest Spittle cloak clasp


A pewter cloak clasp set with Ruskin Pottery roundels made by Norman and Ernest Spittle around 1902.

The cloak clasp has a good weight so is most likely made of a pewter rather than the aluminium alloy frequently used and patented by the Spittle brothers – Pewtal. The brooch is marked with “Guild Button N&ES” and “Registered No 388979”. The “Guild Buttons” were produced in quite high numbers by the Spittle brothers at this time and you quite often see them also as brooches, napkin ring holders, buckles and clasps. 

The blue roundels are almost certainly Ruskin Pottery roundels which did feature in Spittle designs of this period.

The registered number dates this piece to around 1902.


Dimensions:    Each half of the clasp is 1 1/2″ in diameter. Total clasp length with chain is 4 1/4″

Condition:   Good

Price:   £145