Christchurch Class brass sconce


An exceptionally rare repousse brass candle sconce made by the Christchurch Class, Hants, circa 1900.

The Christchurch Class is a little known art metalwork class that came under the umbrella of the Home Arts and Industries Association. The class was organised by a Miss Druitt and held at the Red House in Christchurch which is now a public museum. Christchurch is on the Hampshire and Dorset border. I found out about this class while researching over the winter and finding a few pieces by the Class has given me a reason to write a short article which you can find in the News section:


A near identical wall sconce was exhibited at the Home Arts and Industries Association exhibition in 1899 and illustrated in The House periodical (No, 29). In the same year the The Studio periodical stated “In the Christchurch class J. Early showed some simple but unconventional sconces with hanging extinguishers in hammered brass.”.

Similar sconces were also illustrated in The House in 1902 (No.65) where they stated “The interesting class of Christchurch (Hants.) had candlesticks as well as vases. A pretty sconce in one piece, projecting below to hold the candle and bending over above in a scroll from which to suspect a metal bell was also the work of this centre.

Amazingly the hanging extinguisher has survived. The detachable candle holder is a replacement but it works well and looks like the original in the illustrations. The candle sconce has a flower pattern in repousse in light relief against a finely hammered background.

A rare survivor from an interesting metalworking class which I will be researching further.


Dimensions:     20 1/2″ high by just over 6″ wide and 5″ deep

Condition:   Good. Replacement brass candle holder

Price:   £650