Arts & Crafts copper peacock candle wall sconce


A repousse copper candle sconce with wooden back plate and three candleholders, circa 1900.

This sconce is a bit of a mystery. I generally do not buy pieces unless I know the maker but I bought this sconce because I found it so fascinating. The design of the peacock is very similar to a Yattendon Class peacock candle sconce that I once owned (last image). This particular piece is definitely not by the Yattendon Class as their work is easy to identify from the background hammer marks.

It’s hardly surprising that the various classes associated with the Home Arts and Industries Association tended to “borrow” design ideas from their peers at the HAIA exhibitions. I think this is a case in point. Ironically I found a copy of the Yattendon peacock sconce design in the Newton School’s design archive. I suspect that a designer such as George Tanner liked the Yattendon design but felt he could improve upon it.

We may never know for sure but this a lovely piece of Arts and Crafts design. The copper back plate has repousse and chasing work and the three candelabra look original to the piece, each with detachable candle holders. The copper sconce is mounted on a solid wooden plaque.


Dimensions:    16 1/2″ in diameter and the candle-holders project a maximum of 6 1/4″

Condition:   Good. recently polished except for the candle-holders

Price:   Sold