Yattendon Class tall copper vase


A stunning tall copper vase with handle made by the Yattendon Class from Berkshire, circa 1900.

The vase is probably the nicest piece of Yattendon Class metalwork I have yet seen. The body of the vase has a repeating shell pattern in repousse with waves at the top. The background hammering is very distinctive to the Yattendon Class who were known to make tall vases in various designs. The rolling wave pattern around the top of the vase is one which the class used on other documented designs. The piece is unmarked which is typical of the Yattendon metalworkers.

The handle is a very simple design which I have not seen before on other Yattendon pieces.


Dimensions:    17 1/2″ tall, 4″ in diameter at the base and  just under 3″ in diameter at the top

Condition:   Excellent

Price:   Sold