Norman and Ernest Spittle door/finger plates


A set of three brass door plates and three matching brass finger plates by Norman and Ernest Spittle, circa 1905.

These door and finger plates are on the larger size and would have adorned a very grand house at some point in time. The backs still have the original rooms marked on them – Morning, Dining and Pantry. All have a hand hammered finish plus pierced and shaped decoration to the tops, bottoms and sides. They are simply stunning. 

This particular design appears in the Norman and Ernest Spittle catalogue which dates to around 1905. They also appears in the Art Fittings Limited catalogue from the same period. 


Dimensions:   Door plates – 32 3/4″ high and 14 1/2″ wide. Finger plates – 18″ high and 3 1/2″ wide

Condition:   Good. One split in the top pierced section of one door plate where it connects between two elements. It is almost impossible to notice. Recently polished.

Price:   £950 for the set