Dorothea Hager designed nurses badge


A nurses badge designed by Dorothea Hager for the Princess Christian’s nurses, circa 1907.

I recently wrote an article about Dorothea (Dorothy) Hager after finding a repousse copper tray she had made around 1901. In the article I mentioned a design she had produced for Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (Queen Victoria’s third daughter). The design was described in an article by the Queen newspaper in December of 1907. Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein (Queen Victoria’s third daughter) was presenting certificates and badges to nurses trained in Manchester. We are told that her Royal Highness was much pleased with the badge designed by Miss Dorothea Hager. It represented an infant with outstretched arms in an oval silver frame, surmounted by foliage and the initials PC in green enamel. The whole suspended from a brooch bearing the college’s motto: “Faithful in that which is least”.

Link to article: News-13

I’m delighted to say I have finally found one! I believe this particular version is silver plated with the green enamel described. It is made by the well known medal manufacturer of the day, Toye and Company Ltd of London.


Dimensions:    2 1/4″ high by just over 1 1/4″ at widest point

Condition:   One small spot of enamel damage on the top section

Price:   £110