Helen Muir Wood copper picture frame


A stunning repousse copper picture frame attributed to “Glasgow Girl”, Helen Muir Wood, circa 1900.

This is the second piece by Helen Muir Wood that I have handled over the last few years and the repousse work, overall construction and background hammer work all lead to me believe that this was actually made by her.

Helen Muir Wood (1864 -1930) trained with the Mackintosh group from about 1882 until c. 1900 and was later teacher of enamels at the School. Muir Wood worked in metal and stained glass and painted ceramics. Several pieces by her in metal are illustrated in an early The Studio article on Glasgow Designers. As a member of the Glasgow Society of Lady Artists’ Club she exhibited in their annual exhibitions and at the “1901 Glasgow International Exhibition” and with the “School of Art Exhibition” in Cork in 1902. I have take the time to write a short article on Helen as I can’t help feeling she has been a bit overlooked compared to some of the better known Glasgow Girls:


This particular, and very distinctive, repousse design appears in The Studio periodical in 1900. The picture frame is attached to a wooden backing frame using pins to the side. There is what looks to be a period photograph within the frame but this may well have been changed over the years.


Dimensions:    18″ high by 12″ wide and 1″ deep

Condition:   Good. Recently polished and some verdigris in the hammered background area of the repousse work

Price:   Sold