Joseph Crosland McClure Evening and Morning plaques


A stunning pair of cast bronze or copper plaques made by Joseph Crosland McClure, circa 1905.

The sculptural plaques depict nude female figures in different poses. They are very much in the Arts and Crafts style and beautifully observed. Both are signed with McClure’s monogram. I purchased these plaques thinking the work looked very much like that of Robert J. Emerson and I am very grateful to Anthony Bernbaum at The Peartree Collection who was able to eventually identify the monogram. I have written a short news article which has much more information about these plaques and Joseph Crosland McClure who exhibited at the Royal Academy during the early 1900s and who’s best known work is probably the incredible South Africa War Memorial in Leicester:

I’m delighted to have found these plaques and to have been able to give them back their history. The icing on the cake was to find that a copy of the same plaques is also held in the collection of the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. The plaques themselves and the original wooden frame are in great condition with a lovely patina to the copper/bronze.


Dimensions:    18 1/2″ wide by 11″ high and just under 3/4″ deep

Condition:   Good

Price:   Sold