Yattendon School brass candle sconce


A brass candle sconce made by the Yattendon School in 1901.

The Yattendon Schools main designer, Elizabeth Waterhouse, frequently used designs from nature and this sconce is no exception. The back of the sconce has a tall symmetrical flower design in repousse which extends to the projecting base. 

The separate small brass candle holder is not original and was made recently based on similar candle sconce designs by Yattendon School. The holder sits into a hole in the base.

The sconce is dated to the base “MCMI” for 1901. It is also signed in pen to the back by E. Woodley. Woodley is a documented Yattendon School craftsman that appeared in The Studio, refer to Item 17.


Dimensions:    4″ wide by 12 1/2″ high, projects out 4″ from the wall

Condition:   Good. Separate brass candle holder is not original

Price:   £180