Yattendon Class copper motto jug


A particularly rare and important repousse copper jug with motto made by the Yattendon Class, circa 1895.

This is one of those pieces that you see in the books but never imagine you’ll be able to find one day. The jug has a stunning repousse design to the sides of repeating hearts and the motto “Amour Dure” written twice around the top. The literal translation of the latin is “Love Hard”. It’s a really beautiful design and almost certainly designed by Elizabeth Waterhouse. This design involved a lot of intricate work and does not come up very often. 

This design was exhibited at the annual Home Arts and Industries Association exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall. It was one of a number of pieces illustrated in The Studio periodical in 1896 (Vol. 8, Page. 91).

The jug is in quite good condition considering its age. The patina is relatively even and there is only one or two minor areas where the very top or bottom edge are slightly misshapen. The handle has a slight fold in it and is slightly misshapen. Not bad considering this piece could be nearly 130 years old now.


Dimensions:    Just under 8 1/2″ high by 4 3/4″ in diameter

Condition:   As per description

Price:   Sold