Norman and Ernest Spittle charger


An early copper charger by Norman and Ernest Spittle, circa 1900.

A really nice example of this well documented design by Norman and Ernest Spittle. They made their designs in various sizes but this is the larger size for this charger at just over 20″ in diameter. The charger has four characteristic pointy edges and the circle motifs to the edge. The centre has a very nice stylised fruiting flower pattern. I strongly suspect that this design was the work of Norman Spittle who completed most of the firms designs in the early days. Sadly, Norman passed away in 1902 leaving his brother to continue the firm. 

This particular design appears in an article about the brothers published by the periodical, The Artist, in 1899. It also appears in the firms showroom catalogue and the Art Fittings Ltd showroom catalogues, both dating to around 1905.

The charger is in great condition and has a wonderful patina.


Dimensions:    22″ inches across at widest point and approximately 1″ deep

Condition:   Good. Some very small darker spots in the patina

Price:   £850