Doulton pot with silver D.S.C.G. lid


An extremely rare Royal Doulton Flambe pot with a silver lid made by the Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild in 1910.

The Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild had many links with the Potteries. Bernard Moore was one of the original directors, William Moorcroft frequently visited the workshops but it was Doulton that the Guild worked with to create ceramic pieces with silver rims or lids. This was probably due to the connection of the main designer, Francis Arthur Edwardes, with the Doulton factory.

The lid is fully hallmarked for Millicent Sutherland, Birmingham, 1910. It is also stamped with the D.S.C.G. makers mark.


Dimensions:    6″ high by 3″ in diameter at widest point

Condition:   Good

Price:   Sold