A E Jones silver casket


A rare silver box with repousse decoration made by A E Jones in 1912.

The box has repousse decoration on all sides with typical Arts & Crafts motifs such as the galleon in full sail and the rising sun. Bernard Cuzner worked with A E Jones in the early years and the designs on this box suggest he made have been involved. The top of the box has the words “Fortune Play Upon Thy Prosperous Helm” in repousse. This comes from the Shakespeare play, All’s Well That Ends Well.

The box featured in the A E Jones showroom catalogue (No.35), circa 1905, described as a silver casket. The box would originally have been velvet or cedar lined and cost £7 and 10 shillings!

The box is fully hallmarked for A E Jones, Birmingham, 1912.


Dimensions:    6 1/2″ wide, 3 1/2″ deep and 3″ tall

Weight:    433 grams

Condition:    Good.  Minor dings to lid   

Price:   Sold