Yattendon School copper peacock sconce


A stunning copper candle sconce by the Yattendon School, circa 1900.

The sconce is decorated with a repousse peacock design which was a favoured motif of the Arts & Crafts movement. Most of the designs from the Yattendon School were completed by Elizabeth Waterhouse or other Waterhouse family members. The sconce has “Yallendon” written in pen on the back but I am sure this is meant to be Yattendon. It also has some numbers plus a signature for J. Lovell who would have been the actual craftsman that made the piece. 

The sconce would originally have come with a separate candle holder that dropped through the hole in the base plate. There is also some damage (see Details).

Two similar sconces with wooden backplates were sold by Sotheby’s in 2008 (The best of British – Designs from the 19th and 20th centuries. Paul Reeves: The Auction):



Dimensions:    Back plate is 10″ in diameter and base plate extends out 5 1/2″

Condition:   Missing it’s original candle holder. Some damage where the flat base meets the backplate – splits and old solder repair marks

Price:   Sold