Faulkner Bronze Co brass wall light


A brass wall light made by the Faulkner Bronze company, circa 1901.

The brass wall light has a lovely repousse nouveau pattern and hand planished finish. I suspect that the unusual patina may have been an “antiqued” finish which was popular at the time.

The wooden backing is not original to the light fitting. The vaseline shade is definitely of the period but may not have been the original shade. The light was attached to the wall of our home and was functioning.

The wall light can just be made out on the back wall of the attached image showing an exhibition of Faulkner Bronze Co metalworks in 1901. It is also illustrated in the Faulkner Bronze catalogue (image available on request).

This is an incredibly rare find!


Dimensions:    6 1/2″ at widest point, 12″ high. The arm projects out 9 1/2″

Shade Dimensions:    5″ in diameter by 3 1/2″ high

Condition:   Good 

Price:   £1350