A E Jones copper and silver clock


A very attractive copper and silver clock made by A E Jones, circa 1910.

The clock has a hand planished domed top and a sheet copper body with copper rivets. It has a nice dark brown patina which is almost certainly original. To the front of the clock are two silver rosettes and a decorated silver band of the type frequently used by A E Jones on mixed metal pieces.

The clock has it’s original French movement which is working and keeping good time. Like many other makers of the period, Jones used French movements in the firms many clock designs.

The underside of the clock is stamped with the pattern number of 2480. This pattern number suggests this may have been from an original design by Jesson, Birkett & Co.

The clock comes with an original key.


Dimensions:    6″ wide by 3 1/4″ deep and  7 1/2″ in high

Condition:   Good. The patina on one of the sides of the clock is slightly less even. Very slight marks on the enamel face

Price:   Sold