J & F Pool copper jug


A copper hot water jug attributed to J & F Pool of Hayle, circa 1910.

Most likely a hot water jug, the body is a square section which tapers towards to the top. The sides and front are decorated with a repousse design.

J & F Pool acquired the Cornish Hand Wrought Metal Company in 1908 and continued to make a wide variety of copper items in the Arts & Crafts style up until the late 1920’s. The designs and the hand hammering are quite distinctive and pieces are by J & F Pool are becoming increasingly popular.

The jug is unmarked as is typical of pieces by J & F Pool but this design is well documented.


Dimensions:   Just under 11 1/2″ high. Base measures 4 3/4″ square

Condition:   Good. Some minor unevenness in the patina

Price:   Sold