Mary Williams copper tea pot stand


A small repousse copper tea pot stand firmly attributed to a design by Mary Williams, circa 1900.

The tea pot stand has an interlacing pattern of heart shaped leaves around a central flower and has a distinctly Celtic feel. The stand sits on raised copper feet made from two straps of copper attached to the underside.

This particular tea pot stand came with a number of superb pieces which I have researched thoroughly. The stand is believed to have been made by either Mary Williams herself or Charles Harmer who was based in Islington, London. Charles Harmer ran a plate metalwork firm in Islington. The family that sold the pieces were related to Charles Harmer. They kindly contacted a foreman who had worked at the firm for over 50 years. He remembered that there was a lady called “Miss Williams” who rented a basement in one of the firms buildings. Miss Williams was an artist and she produced the designs that were then either commissioned by the Harmer family or made by Charles Harmer and his son, also Charles Harmer, between 1890 and the early 1920s. This information, combined with the style of the designs, allows for a firm attribution to Mary Williams.

Much more of this story can be found in the following article in the News section… News 15


Dimensions:    5 1/4″ in diameter and just under 1/2″ high

Condition:   Good. Recently polished

Price:   Sold