Alfred Hughes brass candlestick


A brass candlestick made by Alfred Hughes, circa 1906.

I was delighted to find this particular design of candlestick by Alfred Hughes. Alfred Hughes was a master craftsman who both worked for and later collaborated with Richard Llewellyn Rathbone in Wales and Liverpool during the late 1890s into the early 1900s. Alfred made many of Rathbone’s designs for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society exhibitions during this period.

By 1906 he was still making Rathbone’s designs but also making his own pieces for inclusion in the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society exhibition. In that same year a copper version of this design was illustrated in The Art Journal. By this time, Alfred was teaching metalworking at the Sir John Cass. Technical Institute.

The quality of the work on this candlestick is superb and the impact of Rathbone on Alfred’s designs very clear to see. The piece is hand hammered with riveted construction and delicate chased patterns on the main body sections, drip tray and candle holder. The piece is fully marked to the base with AH in a circle and “303” which is likely the design number.

I recently wrote an article about Alfred Hughes which has a lot more information and features this design:



Dimensions:    7 1/2″ high, 5″ diameter at base and 4″ diameter at top

Condition:   Good. Very minor scratches in the drip tray

Price:   Sold